Chris Farley, born February 15, 1964, grew up in Madison, Wisconsin. He researched theater and communications on Marquette University. After completing University Chris was in the cast of the Second City Theatre, where he was discovered by the producer of the wonderful comedy-show Saturday Night Live (1975), Lorne Michaels. Chris worked with Saturday Night Live (1975) for five years throughout which he appeared in movies like Wayne's World (1992), Coneheads (1993), Billy Madison (1995) and ultimately Tommy Boy (1995), with his comic partner and SNL cast participant David Spade. The duo later on made one more motion picture called Black Sheep (1996). From that time on, Chris was just one of the huge comedy superstars, and his fame was expanding and growing.

After some even more time, he made another "single" film, Beverly Hills Ninja (1997), which showcased former SNL participant Chris Rock. Farley was made also a lot more famous, but with his growing popularity, his issues increased bigger too; he really did not want to be the "fat man which falls down" any sort of longer. Chris had several other issues, as well, with alcohol and medication reliance. On December 18th, 1997, he passed away from a drug overdose in his home in Chicago, where his body was found by his brother John the following day. Chris' weight of 296 pounds was a contributing factor to his fatality. In the year after Chris' death, the film Almost Heroes (1998), where he plays the leading role alongside Matthew Perry was launched. He likewise makes cameo appearances in Dirty Work (1998).